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Fit and Clean
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Books & Cookbooks:
The best of Clean Eating 3


Vegetables: Lettuce – Spinach – Broccoli – Cabbage – Cauliflower - Tomatoes - Yams/Sweet Potatoes - Bell Peppers Onions (red and white) - Mushrooms - Fresh Garlic - Zucchini - Jicama - Edamame - Asparagus - Carrots
Fruits: Strawberries - Blueberries - Apples - Oranges - Nectarines - Peaches - Plums - Grapefruit - Grapes – Watermelon - Honeydew - Cantaloupe - Star Fruit -Avocado
Dairy: Milk - 1% or non-fat - Cottage Cheese - low fat - Greek yogurt - Plain yogurt Yogurts - snack size - read ingredients to be sure they are clean - Buttermilk - low fat
Meats: Chicken boneless and skinless or whole - organic is best Pork - lean cuts Turkey - breasts and/or lean ground
Seafood: Salmon - Trout - Shrimp - Orange Roughy - Tuna - canned or fresh
Grains: Oatmeal - Brown Rice - Quinoa - any color - Barley - Millet - Couscous - whole wheat - Farro Rye
Fresh Spices: Basil - Dill - Sage - Mint
Beverages: Sparkling Water - regular, lime or lemon
Nuts: Almonds - raw is best - Walnuts - Hazelnuts - Pecans - Peanuts
Extras: Peanut Butter - no sugar added, just salt and nuts - Honey - Agave - Almond Butter - Olive oil - Avocado Oil - Sesame Oil - Tomato Products - Canned (sauce, stewed, paste, etc...) - Chicken Broth - Vegetable Broth - Protein Bars - Protein Powder

Ezekiel brand breads – Most often found in the freezer section. This brand of bread has several types to choose from, but read ingredients as not all are clean.
Alvarado Street Bakery brand breads – They have wonderful breads, rolls, hamburger buns and hot dog buns and all of them are clean.
Trader Joe’s brand whole grain breads - The two in particular that I know are clean are the Sprouted Multi-Grain bread and the California Protein bread.
Crackers- Ak Mak Whole Wheat Crackers
Tortillas- sold by Trader Joe’s. Typically, the only ingredients will be corn, lime and water. Trader Joe’s also carries a sprouted wheat tortilla that is clean and quite good once you get used to the texture. It’s a bit stiffer than what you might be used to. The other option is to make your own.
Dairy & Non-Dairy- Dairy is the source of much confusion for clean eaters. Here a breakdown-
Milk – Either fat free or 1%.
Cottage cheese (for those who eat it) – Low fat. (NOT fat free or full fat.)
Yogurt – Always opt for Greek yogurt when you can. Fat free, plain yogurt (regular or Greek) is the only way to go. You can always mix in your own fruits and dab of honey or maple syrup if you need it flavored
Cheese – Most cheeses are avoided completely due to their high fat content. But should you choose to indulge, buy the real thing. No shredded cheeses. If you need it shredded, buy the block and shred it yourself. Real grated Parmesan cheese is acceptable in moderation. (Note: Most Kraft brand Parmesan cheese is not clean. If it can sit on a shelf or in a cupboard for weeks or months, it’s not clean.  Buy the stuff in the refrigerator section.)
Unsweetened almond milk
Unsweetened rice milk (made from brown rice, not white)
Unsweetened soy milk (however, if you go this route, be sure to purchase the organic variety to avoid GMO’s)
Unsweetened LIGHT coconut milk – This is NOT the stuff in the cartons. This is the stuff in the cans.

Eggs - These are a staple, especially egg whites. While most of the nutrition is in the yolks, eat them in moderation. Egg whites you can eat as many of as you like. But try to avoid the carton egg whites.
Chicken & Turkey – Boneless, skinless poultry breasts are your best friends if you eat meat. Don’t even bother with other parts like legs or anything with the skin on. The breast is the way to go. If you can afford organic meats, it’s always a better way to go.
Beef If you are willing to forgo beef, try venison, bison or buffalo. Both are much healthier than beef and are very similar in flavor.
Other meats
Pork – While even I will enjoy pork chops from time to time, overall, pork should be avoided. Things like ham and bacon are definitely NOT part of a clean eating meal plan. Skip the Canadian bacon as well. (How Canadian bacon ever got labeled as healthy is beyond me!)
Duck – This is too fatty to be part of a clean eating meal plan.
Venison – It is a very lean meat and can be used in place of beef in most recipes
Fish – Most fish is considered clean, just be careful of the mercury content found in most fish today.
So this is where “Shop The Perimeter” really comes in. The produce section is your friend. Load up when you can as you’ll want most of your eating plan to be generated from this section of the store.
Apples Oranges Grapefruits Banana Berries of all kinds Cherries Kiwi Star fruit Any other fresh fruit you enjoy
Carrots Celery Spinach Broccoli Bell Peppers in any color Zucchini Eggplant Squash of any variety Kale Chard Collard greens Okra Green beans Tomatoes Sweet potatoes Onions of any variety Any other fresh veggie you enjoy

When you do venture into the aisles of the store, you should only be there for a few, food related items such as:
The Aisles
Oatmeal – Just the plain kind. Nothing flavored. Opt for steel cut oats or traditional rolled oats. I personally use quick oats, but only on occasion. Most of my oatmeal recipes use steel cut or rolled oats.
Canned items with no added sugar – There is a lot of debate as to whether or not canned items, even without added sugar and salt, are clean due to the BPA’s in the cans. But if you do decide to purchase things like beans or tomato sauce in a can, read the ingredients! There should be no added sugar (sugar, evaporated cane juice, dextrose, fructose, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, etc…) in the list. Also, watch the sodium content in canned goods. It can add up quick
Dry beans and legumes - like lentils, black beans, chickpeas, etc.
Brown rice
Whole wheat or whole grain (like brown rice) pasta
Other whole grains such as barley
Nuts – Again, read the ingredients here. Nuts should be the only ingredient on the package. Usually, this means you’ll be buying raw nuts.
Seeds – Quinoa is a seed and it’s wonderful stuff. I use it a lot. Sun flower seeds, sesame seeds, chia or flaxseed are all good choices.
Condiments, Spices and Natural Sweeteners
Ketchup – It’s virtually impossible to find a clean ketchup. So you may want to try a clean eating recipe at home.
Mustard – It’s getting harder and harder to find mustard without added sugar. OrganicVille puts out a tasty yellow mustard without added sugar. But if you can’t find regular yellow mustard that is clean, opt for mustard like Dijon or other varieties. It’s much easier to find clean mustard if you do.
Pure Maple Syrup – Not the bottle syrups you get in restaurants. The real stuff
Molasses – Look for the unsulfured variety
Spices – Any herbs you buy should come in bulk or a bottle. Never purchase seasoning packets. They are not clean by any means. Purchase singular herbs such as basil, parsley and thyme. Opt for garlic and onion powder, without salt. Avoid the herb blends unless you are comfortable with reading ingredient lists. Many have added sugars, even Mrs. Dash (though some of those items are indeed clean, some are not).
Whole wheat flour
Whole wheat pastry flour – tough to find in some areas, but great for baking.
White whole wheat flour – Easier to find but not as dense as regular whole wheat flour. (It’s a different variety of wheat, but it’s still whole grain)
Other flours – If you are gluten intolerant, you will want to research other flours on gluten free sites.  However, regardless of what you buy, don’t buy it unless it’s whole grain or whole meal (same thing).

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