Richard- 27- big poppa is halfway through his first year at Midwestern University Dental School. when he's not scraping fake plaque off the teeth of dummies, he enjoys flying his remote control airplane and rough-housing with his three boys. he has the incredible luxury of watching uninterrupted Netflix on his lunch break. much to his wife's chagrin, his frisbee golf basket currently resides in the bedroom. however, it will be lovingly kicked outside at the first sign of spring. loves: salsa, sour cream, cheese, a good clean mouth, reese's puff cereal. hates: bananas, chewy candies and cavities.   

Kelly- 26- obviously the Queen. trying to maintain calm through the mass of testosterone running through the house. the three young gentleman who keep her busy make sure there's absolutely no time for a shower or teeth brushing (dental school wife win) before 4 p.m. upholding a sunny demeanor while trying to figure out what to create for dinner is of utmost importance. eating clean, fitness and personalizing the home are what keep this momma sane amongst the dump trucks and dirt. loves: cookies and cheesecake. which conflicts with her love of a good workout. her dream day consists of a trip to the mailing center followed by a silent grocery shopping trip without the children. hates: mustard, loud chewing. loves: little debbie white cakes hearts (well in any shape or holiday)

Keagan-3 yrs 5 months - is the brains of the operation. he is quick-witted and smart, following all the rules as his mom's little shadow. he will start preschool this year, and has a very promising career in the stock exchange due to his intent interest in collecting "monies" to put in his savings jar. his gag reflex is easily upset, and he despises every food aside from blueberry yogurt (with the blueberries removed obviously), shredded cheddar cheese, bread and tortillas. loves: firetrucks, trains and walking around the house with his toy screwdriver saying "i'm going to screw you." awesome. hates: when i ((kelly)) threatening to turn off his lightening mcqueen night light when he is being naughty at bed time. crust on his bread. hates when he has boogers makes me "get em".

Carter- 2 yrs 1 month - is the poster Wild Child. strong-willed and hard-headed, always keeping his parents surprised with his troublemaking endeavors. loves digging and will eat anything and everything, including boogers and the month-old crumbs found in the sliding glass window track. he has even been known to finding himself a snack in the garbage from time to time. his speech repertoire consists of "i did it" and "it's mine." enjoys giving his mother heart attacks by jumping from the fourth step of the stairs all the way down to the landing. he recently graduated from jail--err, the crib (which had four ropes and a sheet over the top to prevent him from destroying his room during nap time) to a twin-sized bed. loves: jumping in the air vent shaft after removing the vent. pushing the buttons on the DVD player. loves hats and hoods but is terrified of when others wear beanies. hates: watching a full movie, 15 min into any movie he wants to watch a different one. hates: that mommy put a lock on the fridge. (BEST INVESTMENT EVER) -no more 3 pound bag of shredded cheese on my shaggy area rug

Will- 9 months- currently recites "mama," and "hi dada." he is basically a garbage disposal. in addition to the man-sized meals this baby can put down, he eats days-old cheese off the floor, sheetrock and carpet remnants. food is definitely his driving force, and he will crawl up the stairs if a treat is waiting at the top for him. he is a little roly poly, short and stout and filled with happy, giggly energy. he is mellow and chill, yet holds his own during playtime with his two older brothers. loves: anything he can put in his mouth. hates: getting his face wiped after eating. when we strip him down after a blow out. qhen his bottle falls out of the crib between the bars. & hates snow.

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