Love Story

The Beginning.

Winter 2008 was the first semester back at school for Tyler after serving his full-time mission in the Baltic States. I ((Kelly)) was starting another semester at BYU-Idaho and we happened to be in same ward. We were also in the same FHE group. And thats where we met. I was given the calling as ward bulletin and had access to the ward directory with the school ID pictures of everyone. I initially interested in getting to know his roommate, Tyler's picture on the directory was very dark, so I just skipped over him.

Getting To Know Him.
I brought cookies over to his apartment for the guys there and he was in his room. We talked for a few at FHE and I went home and looked him up on Facebook  That was the same night he made an account. I added him and wrote him that we should go snowboarding. Our first "hang out" was just us, heading up to the mountain. We had never talked besides a few minutes at FHE and he was only home 6 weeks from his mission. But it was not awkward.

Our Short Courtship.
We were officially boyfriend and girlfriend Feb 2nd 2008. We went snowboarding again, but mostly hung out around Rexburg with our roommates and our friends there. I had made a new years resolution that I was not going to kiss anyone until I had a ring on my finger. I told Tyler and his roommate Adam that, before we were dating. On Feb. 18th while watching Top Gun, I went in for the kiss. The next day I came down with a very nasty cold. Bronchitis, ear infections pre pneumonia. Guess thats what I get for breaking my resolution!

I Love You & Will You Marry Me?
I love you wasn't officially said face to face until after we were engaged. The purposal was done in his car ((we named the car babes)) at Smith Park at our spot where we clocked many hours talking and few hours kissing. It was March 31st after a wonderful date night of yummy food and great live music (Jon Schmidt) But the question didn't come till April 1st. ((it was late...!) He asked. I obivously said YES!

Engagement Spent Apart.
We both went home about 10 days after that for the summer. He to Washington, me to Oregon. Original wedding date, Aug 25th 2008. We were only home a week or so and decided to move the date.... to June 26th. Fun fact ((that is my dad's birthday & his mom's birthday!!))

We were sealed for time and all eternity in the Portland, Oregon LDS temple on Thursday, June 26th 2008.

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